Tuesday, March 08, 2011


The Story of Abby

I'm publishing this partly for posterity, and partly for the enjoyment of the fine folks at Speaking of Dogs rescue, in Toronto. Without their help, my Abby would not be in my life, and so, I'm certainly grateful to them!

Abby came to live with us in June 2007. At the time, we had Ender and Lucy.
When Abby first joined us, she was worried and a bit timid, but always very lovey. Over the first few months with us, she really came out of her shell, and she has been blossoming ever since!
She had some health issues when she was turned into the rescue, but between them and us, we both worked to get her healthy. Her patchy dry coat is now very thick and shiny! She has the thickest coat of all three dogs now!
She has a beautiful smile, which we see often! She is always looking for hugs and love.
When she first joined us, she was not able to keep up for a regular length hike, but over time, she has built her stamina, and hiking is her favourite activity now! She especially loves the winter, and munching the snow and snowplowing her face in the white stuff are favourites as well.

Two years ago, Abby suffered a partial tear in her left ACL. Thanks to Dr Campbell's advice, we treated her with bed rest and about 8 weeks worth of hydratherapy. She was good as new again, and was eager to take to the trails again!
Just two weeks ago, she tore the ACL in her right leg, partially again, thank dog. So we are on bedrest again, and will start hydratherapy for her again in about 6 weeks.

Since Abby has joined our family, we have added Molson (cat) and Shelby (yellow Lab) to our little(?) pack.
Some things you might not know about Abby:

She doesn't bark much, but she does tend to "speak." This tends to sound like a cross between a wookie and an orangutan. There have been times when she has reduced an entire room to laughter because she also has great timing.
She loves to "go around" for a treat.
She loves to watch football with me.
She looks lovely in the pearls that my Aunt and Uncle bought for her, and she wears them for special occasions.
She loves to sleep in, right after breakfast, it's back to bed! (with her head on the pillow)

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