Thursday, July 28, 2005



I must admit, this has not been the most exciting summer for me. We moved to a new house, and my people have been constantly building, painting, tearing things down and building things up, since we moved in! At least the new house has a pool - geesh! I do really like my pool. It's a big concrete pool with steps for me to climb in and out. But I still use the ladder sometimes, because I can!
Our friends who lost Squirt earlier this summer have a new dog now, his name is Buddy. He seems smart, but I don't play with him much... he's only 8 weeks old right now. Once he grows up, I think he'll be a good friend, but I still miss Squirt - no one plays the way Squirt did!
Last night on a walk, I met up with two other labs, one of them was from the same breeder I came from - Allsport labs in guelph. We Allsport labs are good looking if I may say so myself!
This weekend, we are going to Grandma's for the second annual Camp Mary weekend. (that's my grandma's name!) I can't wait - I just hope the boys leave those water guns alone this year!

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