Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Found dog

We went to Claireville conservation area tonight for a hike- this is a regular spot for Mr E's recreation - there are lots of trails, and a good chance of spotting deer. Tonight, as we drove into the main gate, we noticed a dog, trotting along by himself. Upon closer inspection, we were both shocked to realize that this dog was incredibly emaciated, and looked to be a pup as well. He came to us immediately when we got out of the car, and was civil with Ender as well. We offered him some treats, and realized that we just couldn't leave him there. The snow is falling again tonight, and it's likely that the temperature will dip below zero again, and this fellow was in no shape to be left literally in the cold. Neither of us would have been able to leave him anyway.
We attempted to get him into the car, thinking we'd take him to the shelter, but he was not keen on getting in the car. Since we were not keen on forcing an unknown dog into our car, Don stayed with Ender and the found dog while I drove home for the crate, food, water, collar and leash.
With some food it was fairly easy to send him into the crate. He was not happy in there though. I don't think this poor dog has been in a house or a car, nor is he very familiar with other dogs, it seems. That said, it's hard to judge someone's personality if they are starving and just focused on finding food.
After we got home, an animal services officer came to pick him up - but he spent a good hour and a half with us. We kept feeding him pieces of food, little by little, so as not to shock his poor system. We took him for a walk on leash with Ender (he has clearly never been on a leash before)
We are travelling next week, so we'll have to call them once we are back to see what is to become of him. We may be able to give him a home, or at the very least find a home for him. But at least I feel that whatever happens next will be better than starving alone in a cold conservation area.
I must also mention that Brampton animal services has told me that they do not kill dogs who are not adopted - if he is deemed "adoptable" they will keep him for as long as it takes to find him a home. I'm not completely clear on whats involved in deeming him "adoptable" but we'll find out more after our trip, once they have assessed him.

Ender was very kind to him, although he did have to lay the smackdown a couple of times. Ahh, dominance!

I would include some pictures, but it seems that blogger is not in the mood to let me post pictures tonight?


The great squirrel drop of 2007

A very funny thing happened yesterday. Our charming boy Ender, enemy to squirrels everywhere, spotted one of the little fluffs of fur down by the ditch yesterday. (in the green belt behind our house) He of course took off running after the poor thing. I'm yelling, "Ender, you Fatty, you'll never catch him, GET BACK HERE NOW!!" while the squirrel runs up the slimmest, youngest tree in the vicinity, and scurries all the way to the top - the tippy, tippy top, if you catch my meaning. At this point, the tippy top starts bowing over, dangling said squirrel above ender. The poor squirrel is hanging on for dear life, but still slipping, slowly downwards towards the psycho dog awaiting him. Luckily, along with being psycho, Ender is not aware that the squirrel is being dangled above him like bait, he is still looking side to side wondering where that little fellow got to? After a valiant effort at hanging on, the squirrel loses grip and falls... falls, right on Ender! Ender is shocked, the squirrel is shocked, but the squirrel clearly recovers from shock quicker than Ender, who is still looking side to side, but quicker, now. The squirrel bolts, and Ender literally doesn' t know what hit him.
The squirrel was able to scurry up another tree, and seemed no worse for wear.

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