Tuesday, January 10, 2006



If you like kitties more than they like me, you'll love this site:
kitty blog

These are my kitties, I like them, although they do not like me.

Monday, January 09, 2006


The Pinery

Okay, so my people tell other people about this park all the time, but I'm going to post it here, so you all know where it is!
The Pinery is one of the Ontario Provincial Parks - they are all great in their own way - I know this one for its dog beach! D&S (my people) even say that they prefer this beach for swimming over other beaches that don't even allow dogs (pff!)
The beach is LOOONG!!! Only the first portion of it is a dog beach (Beach #1) The others are just for lonely two leggers who don't have dogs yet. (poor lonely two leggers!)
On the dog beach though, we can all run off leash, and play in the water! It's great, every time I go there are lots of dogs to play with, and if I just want to hang out with my people, then I can do that too. It's a real family vacation getaway - for the WHOLE family (well, not the cats, but they don't like water anyway... and Ed keeps saying that I'm not part of his family, but that's a story for another day.)
Here are some fabulous shots of me at the pinery (for your viewing pleasure)

So, here's the link:

click here to check it out!

You can camp in the park, or it's even great as a day trip - pack a lunch, some dog treats, some watermelon (my favourite!) a tennis ball, and make a day of it!
Please DON'T forget your poop bags... nothing bothers those lonely dogless two leggers more than a fresh steaming heap! And it grosses most of us dogs out too!


Thursday, January 05, 2006


Ender's hood

For a brown dog, I'm a tired guy these days... The holidays have just passed, and my people were around a LOT. I'm not complaining, but a dog needs his sleep you know...
We had lots of fun, and went hiking at Hilton falls at least twice.
The other dogs in the neighbourhood had their people home too, so we saw a lot of them.
I'm loving this new neighbourhood - there are so many dogs! We've got Aragon (yellow lab)next door, Buzz (fuzzy white dog) up the court, Duke (chocolate rocks!) down the street; Fendi (german shepherd) we meet in the park; Sadie (sweetie-girl black lab) runs alongside Bob's bike through the parks; Gracie (yellow lab,another sweetie, I do love the ladies!); Eena's on the corner of the park (hound, another cutie!)Buddy (yellow lab) on the street across the park; Zaire (grey hound) also across the park... and those just the ones whose names I can remember... there are so many more!
It's great to get outside in the winter. Most of the day, I'm stuck inside the house with two cats (one of whom I'm convinced is trying to kill me - I'm on to you Ed!) and they are not much fun.
See you around!

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