Monday, September 27, 2004


Catching up with the E-dog

Whoa - it's been a while since I put anything in this blog! There is a lot to catch up on...
Let me see, I've been camping in Algonquin, had two trips to the Pinery, and a bunch of hiking day trips....
So, let me start by telling you about our trip to Algonquin.
We stayed in Kearney Lake Campground (site 159) and I was so bored for the first day, because it took my people all day just to pack, drive up there, set stuff up and make dinner. Not a fun day for dogs at all.
But, we did manage to have some fun - mostly hiking, because it was too cold for my people to swim, and it was too windy to go canoeing. The best trail we did was Booth's rock trail, it's 5.1 k, and it took us up on top of a huge cliff! I know my people were really worried about me getting too close to the edge, so I got REALLY close a couple of times, just to show them that I was fine. They didn't seem to like that too much.
This is me on top of Booth's Rock:

We also hiked the Big Pines trail, and we found a great dog beach on Canisbay Lake, where we met some other dogs. Unfortunately, the two dogs I met had some issues - dominance issues to be exact, and they weren't all that fun to play with. I don't like girls who try to hump me and/or beat me up! But by the time they showed up, I had spent a good couple hours playing with my people, so I was getting kind of tired.
Generally, I do like most of the people we meet when we are camping. Everyone seems so friendly, and usually there aren't very many people who are terrified of dogs - I imagine those ones don't get out camping much!
I met a guy at the campsite across from us who was really nice, and wanted to pet me. He said that he had to leave his dog at home, because the "missus" doesn't like to be alone when he goes camping. Apparently, neither does he - because he brought himself someone to keep him company... not a dog, but a young , two-legger female he was attached to most of the weekend!
I was just glad he wasn't lonely without his dog!
I met a couple of other people who explained that they had purposely left their two labs at home so they could camp! I sure am glad my people don't try to sneak off camping without me.
I had a good time at Algonquin this year, lots of hiking, a bit of swimming, and some solid naps by the campfire. I wish we didn't have to cut our trip short, but it was pretty cold, and I think my people were a bit bored without being able to swim or stick me in a canoe. Hopefully next year we'll have some better summer weather!
I don't even remember the ride home, I was pooped right out in the back seat!

Here's a picture of me at the base of a 210 year old white pine, on Big Pines trail - this tree was HUGE!

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