Monday, October 06, 2008


Fall and a big welcome to Cousin X!

Fall is here, and Abby and I are quite happy! We love the fall for hiking because we don't melt under our thick chocolatey coats. We did a great hike yesterday, it was a section of the Bruce that is very hilly, it's a great workout for us, and an even better workout for the two leggers - this hike really tires Sonia out. While we were hiking, we came across an old limestone kiln, and I can jump on top of the chimney! The two leggers weren't fast enough with the camera to catch me in action, so Don took a picture of Sonia showing how high I can jump. It's pretty high:

And this is a picture of us on a very tall, upright staircase on the hike:

After the hike, this is how tired Abby was:

We have big news! We are getting a new cousin! She doesn't really have a name yet, so we're calling her Cousin X! They say she is to be a black labradoodle, whatever that is. They tell me I'll like her, I hope they are right.
I loved Sunny, my other cousin, and we all miss her terribly. But I'm happy for Grandma that she is getting a new friend, and now maybe she won't be so lonely. (I can't always be there to give her chocolate kisses to cheer her up)

Here are some new pictures of me and Abby. Abby is wearing her new pearls from Uncle Tim and Aunt Mar. Abby is quite thrilled with her pearls, and I'm pretty good looking just as I am, don't you think?

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