Saturday, February 26, 2005


No such thing as the winter blahs for the Pupster-Doo!

Although my two-legged friends grumble about it, I love the winter - I won't lie to you. I think it's great - the snow is a blast, I don't get all tired and hot when I play in the snow, and if I get thirsty - well, I can just take a big mouthful of snow! Plus, it's fun to slide around in the snow while I'm playing.
We took a walk today at Heart Lake Conservation area - we go walking here quite often, it's a great place to meet other dogs and play with them. Today, my volleyball got stuck WAY UP a tree, and my Don had to climb the tree and poke it out with a long stick. It was a very tasty stick too - I took it when he was done with it.
I was at this park a few weeks back with Don, and we were playing in the snow, when all of a sudden, a deer ran up to us out of nowhere - and looked at me like he wanted to play! I tried to run up to him, but by this time, he figured out that I was not the deer buddy he was looking for, and he ran off. I chased him for a bit, but MAN those deer are fast. I'm not so fast, so I ran back to play with Don.
And last week, i was at a different park, for my birthday. My friend Squirt and his family came to play in the park for my birthday - we played with hockey and tennis balls, and Squirt gave me a very tasty bone as a gift.
More later,

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