Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Squirt Stanley, Esq.

My very best friend, Squirt, died last week. I am really going to miss him - we had so much fun together. We would go for hikes together, and wrestle, and he did hump me a lot, but I'll even miss that!
We had just celebrated his birthday with a really great hike. That day, there was a mean dog that barked at Squirt, but I ran up to defend him, cuz that's what buddies do! Squirt even came to visit me at my new house, although I was not able to talk him into swimming in my new pool. Instead, he "saved" me every time I got out of the pool!
Squirt's family gave him a great life, and I know he loved them a lot - I also know they will miss him a lot. We are all lucky to have known Squirt, and I felt especially lucky to have him as my friend.

Thanks for everything, little Buddy.

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