Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Labour Day 2009 Balsam Lake Trip

So, for the Labour Day long weekend, we loaded up the car, and took the "kids" camping. They were very enthusiastic to get on the road.

We were heading to Balsam Lake for two nights - this was to be Shelby's first camping trip.

Abby enroute:

Don got a little tired of driving, so Shelby took over for a bit:

Ender spies the park:

Some swimming at the dog beach:

Three zen pups after swimming at the dog beach:

Shelby decides that sleeping on the dirty ground at the campsite is for chumps:

Ahh, good times:

Don had to fix the Coleman Stove.

Three tired and satisfied dogs:

And then we drove home to enjoy a sunny labour day by the pool.

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