Sunday, April 20, 2008


Life with Abby

So, Abby has been with us almost a year, June 3 is the anniversary of her joining us.
Since we don't know when her birthday is, that's the day we're going to choose as Abby day. I'll have to help her open her presents, I'm sure, since I'm better at that than she is.
She and I hike together, we walk together, we play together, I just don't like to get too close to her when we're sleeping - a man needs his space, you know. But sometimes, when I'm too tired to care, she snuggles right into me, and I guess that's okay.
We spent the last week at Grandma's house - our people were diving in Honduras. We love going to Grandmas' because we get lots of love and lots of treats!
Abby especially loves the treats!

Thought I'd update you all with some photos taken since the end of last summer... Summer is just around the corner again, can't wait til they get the cover off my pool!

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to log onto Brown Dog Adventures and see how glorious Abby looks. We think about her alot at my house and I miss her gentleness and her "mad lab" moments.
Bless you guys for giving this girl a second shot at the good life.
(Abby's foster mom)
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