Friday, August 10, 2007


Summer 2007

Wow - what a summer for E.Dog - - just over two months ago, my people got me a dog, guess they figured I was mature enough to handle one now, even though I didn't ask for one. Her name is Abby, and she is fairly well trained, but some times we have trouble with her, as in she runs like crazy if she's off leash in the neighbourhood - so we have to keep a close eye on her.
She's been great on hikes though, and the other day she came upon a big bunch of deer and ran back to us as soon as she saw them - good Dog!

Abby seems really happy with us - we have even taken her on three road trips this summer. The first one was a trip to Kingston, where my people went diving. Poor girl, the whole time we were in the motel room, she was all worried, "oh, I'm getting left here, they're gonna leave us here..." I tried to tell her that everything was okay, but she was still worried, so I fell asleep. She was sure happy to see them again... see, Abby? Told ya! I can understand though, she's had some changes in her life, and we all work to make her comfortable and happy.
Road trip number two - we went to a cottage in Parry Sound with my Grandma, and my Uncle Tim and Aunt Mar. It was a blast! I jumped off the dock and swam the whole weekend, and Abby even came in the water sometimes too! She doesn't swim as well as I do, though. She was a good dog at the cottage, she stayed right with us the whole weekend! No running or anything! Good Abby!
The third road trip was a trip to Grandma's, for the annual Camp Grandma - my people call it Camp Mary, but I don't think I'm sposed to call her Mary... me and Abby had a good time there too, there were lots of people feeding us, and again, I was running and jumpting into the pool, and doing lots of swimming!
We even went for one of Uncle Tim's walks in Kingsville, and then stopped to see my other Grandma, and Uncle Sherwood for a visit. I got to see Bear, their dog - he's a good Dog too.

And so now, we are home for a long weekend in August hoping for good weather for the pool... Here are some shots from the summer so far:
This is me and Don with our new girl at Fort Henry in Kingston.

Abby sure was tired after all that worrying in Kingston.

This is Don with Abby on the dock, with Tim returning from a sail.

Uuuuhh, Guys? Maybe the person taking the picture should have held the Doritos...

Ooooh Yeah! There's nothing like a good wriggle on the dock in the sun!

Abby looking snappy in the neck thingy's Grandma made us for Camp Grandma.

Me opening my Camp Grandma present.

Abby playing shake the Poodle, with her Camp Grandma present.

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